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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Connec8 - Wifi Hotspot Utility for Windows

Post kali ini berkaitan satu software yang boleh menjadikan laptop or PC korang WIFI hotspot iaitu Connec8. Kalau korang ada broadband ,ini satu keistimewaan kerana korang boleh share internet korang dengan rakan-rakan.

Connec8 is a free WiFi Hotspot utility for windows 8 that lets you create Ad Hoc networks or WiFi hotspots on your Windows PC or Laptop.

Ini linknya:


What makes Connec8 special?

  1. Free!!!
  2. Very light. Under 2 mb
  3. Portable - No installation or uninstallation needed
  4. Won't slow down your PC. 
  5. Easy to operate. There are no menus, check-boxes etc etc. Just punt in your hotspot name and password and you are ready to go
  6. Uses Microsoft Virtual WiFi technology so you can even share your Wifi connection
  7. Very Secure - Uses WPA2-PSK protocol. Very hard to crack
  8. Fully compatible with Windows 8

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